In the summer of 2019, while driving through a valley of farmland close to Athens, a group of men working the fields came to my attention. While picturesque and beautiful in their own way, they didn’t seem to belong to the landscape. Later in town where similar men were riding bikes from here to there or on their phones, I learned they were migrant workers from Pakistan. Greece is particularly affected by economic migration so I decided to shoot a short documentary series about them. I wanted to take some notes for myself, notes on Europe.

I went back a few weeks later, approached them while they were working in the fields or walking in the streets and started to spend some time with them. I cannot reveal their names here for different reasons and this tells it’s own story. They were protective of their community, I wasn’t allowed to shoot women or any of the larger gatherings. I can only thank them for their generosity, kindness and trust at having their picture taken.

This photographic story is based on the short time we spent together and the small exchange of trust between us.